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SlingPlayer for Windows Mobile swings out of beta


Sling Media has dropped the beta tag from its SlingPlayer software for Windows Mobile enabled devices, bringing the home-media-on-your-cellphone user experience into line with the Pocket PC version, which has been out for the past few months. The Sling guys aren't too clear on what's changed from the beta version, although we'd like to assume that the final version is more stable; further, despite our--perhaps unwise--affinity for beta software, we'll take the assumed reliability of final software over the inherent insecurities of beta software any day. As an extra incentive for those that haven't yet let their media come with them when they leave their lounge, Sling is offering free copies of the (usually $29.99) Windows Mobile and Pocket PC versions of SlingPlayer to everyone who buys and registers a Slingbox before September 16. Lets hope this final release will give the Sling team some time to take a look at bringing the Mac SlingPlayer beta into finality.

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