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The Boy Genius Report: Hands on with the Motorola RAZR xx

Field report tidbits from Engadget's mobile insider, the Boy Genius.

RAZR MAXX? V3x? RAZR XX? Be confused no more, Boy Genius has provided us with a detailed review of Motorola's V3xx.

The RAZR XX is not as pleasing to the eye as the V3i when closed -- it most closely resembles the V3, and the only real change is in the camera lens. I guess they had to think of something to do, seeing as this phone could have been designed and put together in a day or so. I say that because the internal hardware is nothing new either, except this version sports USA 3G bands on 850/1900MHz while also coming equipped with quad-band EDGE. The software build is the same as the new MAXX, with a more straight-forward media finder, and little bit better layout. Keypad is nice, size is nice, but Moto has definitely lost its cut with this one (extremely bad pun intended). Click on for more shots!

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