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Ask HDBeat: What's up with the HDTV Listings?


We get these questions about our daily HDTV listings all the time:

  • Why don't you include PBS in your daily HDTV Listings?
    • We can't include PBS, despite their excellent HD programming, each individual station creates its own schedule and plays things at different times.
  • Why isn't [insert high definition channel here] a part of the daily listings?
    • Universal HD, ESPN-2HD, MHD just to name a few, if theres a channel you want to see listed, keep letting us know in the comments, we do listen. We haven't added them all yet (the more channels included, the longer it takes to do), but we've added several this year and will add more stations soon.
  • How do you guys know what is on all the time?
    • Each network has their own website where they typically list each program and, in their own way, indicate whether or not it is a high definition broadcast. Some stations do a better job of this (Showtime mentions aspect ratio, if it is an upconvert and audio specs) than others (TNT, good luck finding out if it's stretch-o-vision or not). Titan TV and AVS Forum also come in handy when even the networks don't know what is HD.
Hopefully that answered many of the questions you have about our daily post, if there's anything we missed, let us know in the comments. In the meantime we'll keep ourselves busy looking for some original non-rerun programming for you tonight.

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