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Breakfast Topic: The One Piece Of Loot

David Nelson

On my old Troll Priest I must have ran UBRS about 50 times waiting for my Devout Robe to drop. In retrospect, it might not have even been the best blue robe for a priest, but as it never dropped, it drove me nuts. I wanted that robe badly. I would see mages walking around in it, my warrior buddy got one on a guild run for the sole purpose of taunting me by wearing it around was annoying. I finally gave up, bought a Truefaith Vestments pattern, leveled up tailoring and made myself a robe. In the end, it was a better robe, but it sure was frustrating never to complete my Devout set.

As my guild started MC, I realized there were bigger fish to fry, and I wanted to erase my terrible Devout Robe memory by getting a Robe of Prophecy. Sure enough, it didn't drop for our first 21 Golemagg kills. I was beginning to think I had some kind of curse placed upon me by the WoW gods. Finally, on our 22nd kill, the robe dropped and I had the DKP to snag it. My long quest to acquire a class set robe was over. It was, beyond first boss kills, the most exciting moment I had in WoW.

Do you have an item that took you forever and a day to get? What is/was your Devout Robe that you never got? Or your Robe of Prophecy that you finally received?

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