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Motorola to support Linux on half of future models

Chris Ziegler

Perhaps we underestimated Motorola's resolve a bit in pushing mobile Linux across its product lineup. Intelligence out of Taiwan is suggesting that Motorola not only wants a broad-scale adaptation of Linux on its handsets in 2007, but they want it on fully half of them. It's safe to assume they don't mean we'll see Tux on every other Moto in 2007, but that's when the grand consortium's work starts to come to fruition -- in theory, anyhow. Furthermore, Motorola's not planning on relegating their Linux platform to low-cost devices; it'll be an across-the-board solution with products in every market segment, with the majority of low- to midrange handsets supposedly falling in the $100 to $300 range. Given a choice between Linux and the oft-panned Synergy, we've gotta say, $300 is sounding mighty attractive.

[Via TG Daily]

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