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New Turok 'propaganda'


Acclaim and the Turok franchise were once riding the wave. Heck, Gamespot called Turok 2 "a landmark shooter and a must-buy," rating the sequel a 9.0. Alas, both the company and the dino-hunter series fell on hard times. In fact, Acclaim, as we knew it, was dead, and Turok eventually became the property of Buena Vista Games, which decided to scrap the whole 'Western Indian Guardians of the Lost Land' mythology for a badass, albeit clichéd, former Black Ops commando who carries the 'Turok' name, if not the heritage.

Propaganda Games, charged with developing the series' reincarnation, has prepared a fresh batch of images, which appear to look more like digitized concept art than actual screenshots. But if the final product shows that the studio has revived the Turok franchise with Unreal dinosaur hunting, we'll stop trippin' over today's propaganda.

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