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The verdict is in: children prefer the DS


Vinnk, a blogger and Ninty devotee at 4 color rebellion, is also a teacher in Japan. And in his off time, he makes children cry. Doesn't sound like someone we want on our side -- at least until the whole story comes out.

Vinnk often takes his trusty DS Lite to school and allows the children to play with it. This is a practice of which we heartily approve (get 'em young!). However, on the day in question, his students found not the DS Lite they'd come to love nestled inside Vinnk's blue Nintendo case, but a Sony PSP. The students were so horrifed and disappointed that one even began to cry.

He asked them if they wanted to play with the PSP. They weren't interested. He showed them a game, and they stared at him, stoic, as loyal to the DS as samurai to their lord. It almost makes us want to cry. Score one for the DS -- as though it needed to win any more battles.

[Thanks to Andrew at PSP Fanboy, where we're sure they're hanging their heads in shame.]

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