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Vonage and D-Link spawn the VWR VoIP router


Vonage you dirty, dirty minx you. Introducing the D-Link VWR four-in-one home networking and VoIP solution. This broadband router packs in an 802.11b/g WiFi access point, 4 port Ethernet switch, and two standard phone jacks to connect a multi-line phone to Vonage's service. Nothing we haven't seen before from the likes of Thomson, ZyXel and others blanketing similar territories only without the boost of Vonage's brand recognition. Of course, Vonage was in bed with Linksys back in the 2004 VoIP heyday with the nearly identical WRT54GP2 VoIP WiFi router. With the freshman fat gone, we guess the ol' girl's prowling the mean VoIP streets for tricks again. So go ahead, take her home for a mere $60 bucks for the box plus another $10 for shipping and $30 for activation -- hell, best just offer her a $Benjamin or move along.

[Via Slashphone]

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