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Join the PlayStation Mayhem


Sony has an RSS feed called the "PlayStation Mayhem." You can check it out by typing into your PSP browser, or check it out on your PC by clicking here.

What Sony says:
"PlayStation Mayhem is your source on the streets for all that's poppin' in games, gadgets, style, new music, celebs, insider PlayStation dish and more. Join the Mayhem each week for exclusive and original interviews, crazy stunts and cool new stuff you won't get anywhere else."

What the Mayhem says:
"Yo yo yo dude... we be the PlayStation MAYhem. Mah man, PlayStation is THE SHIZNITZ. We ain't playin' cuz we too busy playin' our PSP."

What PSP Fanboy says:
"It's somewhat sad to see corporate white guys pretending to be 'cool' and 'hip'. I'm glad Sony's trying to use all the features of the system, but this is a bit too forced for my tastes. It's like Dell using FTW."

[Comic via Penny Arcade]

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