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LG's 42-inch 2D/3D switchable HD LCD TV

Evan Blass

As part of its "extensive" coverage of this year's International Meeting on Information Display in Korea, AVING has a brief write-up on a 42-inch LCD monitor from LG that can switch between 2D and 3D modes at the touch of a button. And by "brief write-up," we mean just that; it's literally a one line mention of the HD-capable set, with no explanation as to how it performs this amazing feat. We suspect that the company has been working with Philips and implemented its WOWvx 3D technology, which provides auto-stereoscopic images without the need for those silly-looking, 50's era blue and red glasses. There's a good chance that this monitor will be on display again at CES, though, in which case we promise to provide you with the full deets (or at least a post containing a little more of the technical jargon that you love).

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