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Mario Strikers Charged pics and analysis

Jason Wishnov

LGC may not have dropped the launch bombshell we all wanted, but the advent of sequels to two excellent Gamecube titles is nothing to scoff at. A French website, Puissance Nintendo, has a nice collection of screen caps for the newly announced Mario Strikers Charged, and show off some interesting facets of the game.

The title screen, shown above, has three options available: Domination Mode, Road to the Striker Cup, and Striker Challenges. One can assume that Domination Mode is a simple, pick-up-and-play option; Road to the Striker Cup is the longer, tournament- or franchise-based mode; Striker Challenges, then, must be a series of missions or simple challenges designed to hone one's skills.

The character selection screen only shows four initial players; the rest must be unlocked in some form or another. One silhouette is clearly Bowser Jr., and others have claimed that Pikachu, Ness, and Link can also been seen in the bottom row. The characters have four statistics: Movement, Shooting, Passing, and Defense.

Overall, the visual style feels similar to the Gamecube version. The original Super Mario Strikers was an excellent later Gamecube title; here's hoping the Wii version can live up to the hype.

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