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Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 price to 199 in UK

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's not a huge price drop, but reports are starting to come in that Microsoft's turning up the heat in Europe on the price of their Xbox 360 Core console. Apparently retailers in the UK are beginning to drop the price on the console from £209 to £199, nearly a $20 US price cut on the system. There's a little he said she said going on between Microsoft and the retailers though: Microsoft's stance is that the retailers set the price, and they're all just deciding to drop to £199, whereas the retailers seem to all agree the edict came from Redmond to drop it. Why? Well, if Microsoft pretends like they didn't ask retailers to drop the price, they're less likely to the incite of negative feedback from, say, their US customers who have also been waiting patiently for a price drop to buy their console. And to that we say bollocks.

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