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Extreme airtime in GTA:LCS


Weekends aren't usually filled with breaking news, so it's usually the time we look back and reflect on the cooler aspects of the PSP community. I'm not too interested in the musings of an illiterate fanboy, but I am totally awe-inspired by the crazy things that people have been doing in GTA:LCS. The cheat devices for GTA have come a long way since the first time PSP Fanboy reported on it. People are now defying all logic, performing gravity-defying tricks, riding on walls, spawning helicopters and even creating trick ramps for those that want Liberty City to be one giant level of Tony Hawk. Here's some of my favorites from the GTA cheats and trick community.

Extreme Airtime video
Prepared by the "Shoreside Vale Stunters," this video displays the incredible skill and creativity of GTA tricksters. This is the video that inspired me to do this post. Watch and be amazed:

CheatDevice for Liberty City Stories
This homebrew application is the first to run on PSPs, up to version 2.6. Liberty City Stories, as you know, is responsible for opening the backdoor to all 2.0+ homebrew (as of now). This device is interesting as-is, even without trying to load original apps (or emulators). You can do some interesting stuff with it:

Re-enact your favorite scene from Akira!

The streets have way too much traffic. Ride on a building instead, a la Ultraviolet.

Why wait for VCS? Ride a helicopter NOW.

The functionality of this cheat device is absolutely incredible. You can adjust your CPU speed, and even record full-frame video directly from the game. Check out this site to see all the insanity you can do with this device.

Liberty City Stunt Project
Working in conjunction with the cheat device, you can add tons of ramps into the game to jump off of. Imagine Tony Hawk with a strong dash of F-Zero. The pictures should speak for themselves.

It'll be great to see what the homebrew community will come up with for Vice City Stories. Hopefully, it'll be even more ambitious than the amazing things they've done with this game.

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