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MC Frontalot busts rhymes, nerdcore style, at PAX

Nerdcore hip-hop, an accurate term if ever there was one. MC Frontalot and his crew are the rock stars every nerd dreamt of being when they weren't getting punched in the stomach and looted for their lunch money.

The platform we're typing this on is being sonically assaulted by waves of bass, sending fingers shuffling from key to key, while the screams of the audience cheer the crew on. Every reference to Carbonite or Ewoks sends a palpable wave of nerd over the audience, emboldening the fans to scream louder, fueling their frantic lightsaber waving. The most enjoyable part? MC Frontalot's bizarre shuffling that, we're told, is called "dancing." We wouldn't know, DDR ain't our game. More pics after the break.

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