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Rumor: Will Nintendo punk us with the Wii?

Joystiq Staff

Go Nintendo points to French gaming blog ActuJV which claims to have information from an "inside source" concerning Nintendo and its attempt to hide the real graphical power of the Wii. Perhaps to capture even more attention as we approach a final launch date, rumor has it Nintendo will take the gaming world by storm by revealing the real goods behind their system. According to ActuJV's source, this is what has been goin' down:

Nintendo has been playing us the fool all along. They have been showing us trailers for games that have deliberately downgraded graphics compared to what the Wii can actually do. This is to create an element of surprise for the press during Nintendo's next media event.

That next media event in discussion could be the Sept. 14 affair which Nintendo has set up in NYC. Rest assured, Joystiq will be there all day to get the goods of that event as perhaps the real Wii and games will be showcased.

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