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Boomerang controller -- bust or discarded treasure?

Nick Doerr

The good and knowledgeable SuicideNinja upped a very clever post and has given us the opportunity to write about it. Basically, the boomerang concept controller may have been a smarter angle to go for the PS3 than everyone gave it credit for. At the time of its unveiling, we weren't aware of the motion-sensor going into it and thought the rumble feature would still be intact. Things change with time. Now, waving the boomerang controller around would definitely make a more comfortable tilt-motion feature than the Dual Shock 2 design. As SuicideNinja says, for steering cars in the appropriate games, it would be a pretty good fit.

Sadly, this revelation can't save the dropped design now. Or can it? Petitioning for it to be released as a separate accessory may be within the realm of possibility. Aside from racing or driving games, would the boomerang design be worthwhile? The "steering wheel" likeness doesn't really make a big splash against any other type of game. It's most appropriate for racing games and quite possibly flight sims. Still, that was a fantastic epiphany on SuicideNinja's part and now, what do you all think? Did we bury the boomerang prematurely or did we save ourselves from a junky controller?

[A very big thanks to SuicideNinja for this link!]

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