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Conceal your Bluetooth headset inside a fake banana

Cyrus Farivar

"I've got a feeling, so appealing! Cellular, modular, interactive-odular, ding-dong ding-dong ding -- BANANA PHONE!" Forgive us, it's not often that we get to quote Raffi songs around here, okay? Good, so Raffi fans, gather 'round, because this is one hack you won't want to miss. A clever fellow by the name of Larry Pesce took one Bluetooth Jabra BT110 headset, disassembled it in true geek fashion, and glued it inside a fake banana purchased from a craft store. And from the photos, it looks like it can be opened again to replace the existing AA battery. Here's a fun weekend prank: replace your household fruitbowl with fake fruit, each with its own unique electronic function inside, and send us photos of the reactions of your housemates/family. Or not; but dude, bananaphone!

[Via MAKE]

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