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DS games on your TV: ugly, impractical solutions rule the roost


If you like the idea of playing DS games on your TV, there are two options available to you, both of which come close to topping the list of inelegant ways to play games on your television. Option #1 consists of dismantling your DS (yeah, we've already lost you), hardwiring a cable to your DS's motherboard, and preparing to say goodbye to the portable gaming experience you once enjoyed. Option #2 asks you to use a strap-on adapter (similar to PSP-on-TV solutions) with an integrated camera that outputs to your TV -- unfortunately this completely ignores the second screen. Forgive us for wondering exactly why anyone would want to play a portable gaming gaming device on a fixed screen, but even if we wanted to, we'd probably wait for a more flexible 1st party solution. It's not as if Nintendo is averse to the idea of letting users play or interact with portable games using their home console and a TV: the Super GameBoy, Transfer Pak, and the GameCube to GameBoy Advance cable set a strong precedent for connections between Nintendo's home and portable game consoles.

[Via Joystiq]

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