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Keyspan Cordless VoIP Phone: soon to be chattin' for $79

Cyrus Farivar

It seems like everyone and their sister is coming out with Skype-compatible phones these days. And taking a page out of the handheld barcode scanner design playbook, Keyspan wants a piece of the VoIP pie too. Its new $79 model, imaginatively called the "Cordless VoIP Phone", has 15 hours of talk time, 1200 hours of standby time, USB/AAA power, and it's Mac and PC friendly, a'course. However, Keyspan doesn't list where you can buy this handset, or when it will be available. That aside, if another company (besides FiWin) really wanted to make the real-deal ultimate killer handset, they'd make a phone that was Gizmo/Zfone and Skype-friendly -- we'd definitely be interested. But apparently Skype doesn't like to play nice with SIP phones or any other kind of VoIP, which is a real shame because there's such a great marketing opportunity here -- they could call it SIPpe, like "sippy", as in the cup. Whaddya say?

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