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MacUpdate copies Woot clone MacZot

Dan Lurie

I heard somewhere that there are only something like 30 basic movie plots, and all films are just twists and forks of these original few. Some would say that the same is true for e-business, and they would probably be right. has announced a new feature in which a featured piece of software will be heavily discounted and available for only 24 hours. If this concept sounds familiar, it's because it is. The massively successful MacZot got the idea from, and woot probably found the idea somewhere else.

Because Mac software is a relatively niche market, I see one of two things happening. Either the competition between sites leads to a bidding war to see who can bring in the most dough for the developers, or one of the sites becomes much more popular than the others. Either way, I think the new feature will benefit us end users in the end.

[via Chris Messina]

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