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Microrobot's UBOT cleaning robot


Korean manufacturer Microrobot's UBOT cleaning robot seems to have its sights set clearly on the ever-growing Roomba army (and from the looks of it, may have already eaten one). Unlike the Roomba, however, the UBOT is only intended for use on hard floors, with a 60W vacuum to suck up the dirt, although it lacks the Scooba's squeegee-action, instead using an advanced cloth-dispensing system to pick up what the vacuum misses (kinda like a RoboSwiffer). Still, it should be able to find its way around your place on its own and avoid any obstacles, even if it might not fit under much of your furniture. A higher-end model is also available that features what Microrobot calls a "2D barcode navigation system," which promises to clean rooms more efficiently -- how, exactly, we're not sure. The UBOT does look to have the Roomba beat in one important area though, featuring a voice guide to inform you of its conditions in a "soft and calm tone." Sound familiar?


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