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Pet Loo: backyard in a box for an apartment-bound Fido


As much as your dog might enjoy using the entire city (or at least a few nearby blocks) as its own private bathroom, taking your little furry friend for a "walk" every time nature calls can sincerely put a crimp on that wannabe hermit lifestyle you've been working on. Luckily, the new Pet Loo from Australia allows your pet to do his thing in style and comfort -- and keeps you away from those nasty and dangerous human beings you might encounter during a stroll. The Synthetic Grass provides a familiar bathroom zone for your dog, but is easy to clean and resistant to smells. There's also a collection tray in the bottom of the unit for "liquids." We're sure your dog won't mind a bit more freedom in his bathroom schedule, and we're absolutely looking forward to a review from Unkie Walt -- with his newfound penchant for bathroom gadgetry.

[Via gizmag]

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