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Toyota Yaris ad campaign to spam XBLA?


According to a recent OMMA (Online Media, Marketing & Advertising) article, which examines Toyota's strategy for the Yaris, its new subcompact, the car manufacturer will be releasing "a Yaris driving game for the Xbox Live Arcade."

Without an official statement from Saatchi & Saatchi, the advertising firm employed by Toyota, or Microsoft, it's not yet clear how the Yaris campaign might infiltrate XBLA. Are we to expect advertisers are now vying for space on the virtual download service -- perhaps using momentary incentives to elevate their "games" above the rest? Or is this an isolated case in which, for example, Toyota gives Load Inc. some cash to complete Mad Tracks for XBLA, and in exchange, Load Inc. incorporates several models of the Yaris and some ad banners into the game?


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