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Another story about Loco Roco... and Japanese models


Perverted Japanese PSP Fanboy's Andrew Yoon consistently writes news stories about Loco Roco and Japanese models. In his ideal version of paradise, those two would somehow be combined. That day... has come! Firstly, you can learn the difference between all the characters of Loco Roco by checking out Siliconera. See the cute MuiMui, the racially insensitive Mojya, and more!

Next, check out how Sony's trying to make the Japanese people like Loco Roco a bit more than they do now: they'll use actress Ryoko Shinohara to pose with the game and star in new commercials. Oh my, it appears that Andrew's died and gone to heaven. Loco Roco comes to the US in just one week.

[First half via Siliconera, second half via PSP-Vault]

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