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Sony's max convenience DAV-LF1H home theater setup


Sony's new flagship home theater in a box, the DAV-LF1H, features an array of technology designed specifically to help you keep your mind off setting up that damn set of speakers you just bought. With HTIBs it's all about convenience, an area in which the LF1H excels: optional wireless rear speakers, an automatic speaker setup program (including built-in microphones to assist with proper placement), and a compact design all contribute to making the system as easy to setup as possible. The LF1H is no slacker in the power department either, with the five speakers rated at 100 Watts and a 280 Watt subwoofer bringing the total output to 780 Watts. The audiophiles amongst us will tell us off for even referring to such a poor measure of sound quality, but lets be honest, the appeal of out-of-the-box sound systems isn't really their sound quality. On the video side of things, the top-loading, DVD / CD / SACD player at the center of the setup is packing future-proof HDMI, and is capable of upconverting regular DVDs to 720p or 1080i. The only downside? The $2000 pricetag, which will certainly evoke the old "separates vs. HTIB / quality vs. convenience" argument once it hits Japanese shores on October 10.

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