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Mark Cuban: I would buy an HD DVD player today and wait for a dual box


Yes, we are fully ignoring the rest of this interview with Mark Cuban concerning his HD networks and business to focus on the ongoing format war. If you want to read it there is actually quite a bit of other interesting commentary on why HDNet isn't carried on more cable networks, how he plans to use Dan Rather and in the second part posted today, why the Emmys weren't broadcast in HD and what he thinks of the digital TV transition. But we must post about HD DVD and Blu-ray at least twice each day so we'll focus on that. Interestingly, he first says he would rather get a cheap HTPC and run high definition content off of that, but otherwise would choose HD DVD right now and a combo player later. This is a viewpoint seen in more than a few AV forums around the net, is Mark just a part of a niche HD DVD market or is this evidence that even a billionaire who can afford a 103-inch plasma HDTV thinks Blu-ray is way overpriced?

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