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Second-rate school baits applicants with second-rate handheld system [update 1]

Vladimir Cole

A small Canadian university by the name of Lakehead has angered some of its conservative alumni with a clever recruitment campaign that makes fun of POTUS #43 and offers students the chance to win one of four PSP handhelds or a Smart Car lease.

Lakehead knows who they're after: liberal, environmentally-conscious Canadian youth with who tend to root for the underdog in a contest and who should have spent less time playing games and more time studying.

Now if Sony or Nintendo could come up with a viable e-learning application, schools might offer all incoming freesh a gaming handheld in the way that some universities now offer iPods and laptops.

[Thanks, Mike.]

[Update 1: Dubya's #43, not #42, as originally stated. Oops.]

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