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Sony brings new Bravia LCDs and LCoS displays to Japan


As if to prove a point, Sony is throwing down a whole lotta 1080p, erm, "True HD" displays in Japan. For starters, they've got two new LCoS rear projection TVs that implement the fancy Digital Reality Creation chipset for enhanced upscaling. The 60-inch KDS-60A2500 and 50-inch KDS-50A2500 are otherwise quite similar to the current SXRD displays of the same size available in the US, but the 600,000 yen ($5,135 US) and 500,000 (4,279 US) respective pricetags for the new A2500 displays are quite a bit steeper. As for LCDs, five of the displays mirror existing offerings in the US, but the high-end 52-inch KDL-52X2500 and its lesser 46, 40 and 32-inch S2500 friends are all new. The 52-incher manages a DRC chipset, 1500:1 contrast ratio, Live Color Creation and a 1080p resolution, while the cheaper displays lose DLC, and only manage a 1366 x 768 resolution. All four LCDs run at 450 nits of brightness, and are due in Japan on October 20th, following the LCoS sets which should be out September 15th.

[Via HD Beat]

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