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2006 College Football HD Schedule

Ben Drawbaugh

It's that time of year again and this will be the best yet for HD College Football fans. It seems that almost everyone will be stepping up this year. ABC is finally presenting their premier Saturday night game in HD this year, don't get us wrong we're happy, but we still wonder what took so long? It appears that all of ESPN's college football games are in HD this season, CBS is still doing their SEC Games of the Week and NBC is covering the Notre Dame home games in HD. There are even some rumors that FSN might have a HD game or two up their sleeves. Of course we have also come to expect at least a few Navy games from

ESPN kicks off the season this Thursday with Boston College Eagles vs. Central Michigan Chippewas and the next five days brings us 13 games in HD! Wow 13 games in 5 days, that is more than we had in the entire 2004 season! The last of those is the FSU vs. Miami on ESPN.

As always you can get the latest HD College football schedule at, now if they would just make a Goggle calendar available like ours.

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