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Craigslist poster has unreleased Mini Racers, offering free N64 rom for services [update1]


A Craigslist poster out of Marlborough, MA is offering a "Free Never Released N64 Game," allegedly developed by Nintendo. The owner is interested in preserving the contents of the game by creating a rom backup.

Anyone with the equipment to do so is free to contact the poster, presumably head over to the location in Marlborough, do the good deed, and in return, receive a copy of the rom. We have contacted the poster for more details and are awaiting a response. In the meantime, if you're in the area, mind doing a little investigation of your own? (If you do, please use wise judgment.)

UPDATE: While the Craigslist post has since been removed, the poster has confirmed with us that the game is Mini Racers, developed by Looking Glass, which is now defunct. Nintendo planned to publish the promising RC Pro-Am-like racer, but when Looking Glass went under, the game was cancelled. Interestingly enough, as IGN reported back on May 31, 2000, "the game [was] completed, approved and turned over to Nintendo." Also worth noting, Looking Glass was headquartered in Cambridge, MA, just 30 or so miles from Marlborough, where the poster is located. Coincidence?

[Thanks, evilmax17]

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