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Get Edge in the U.S. cheap(er)

Kyle Orland

Among video game magazines, Britain's Edge stands head and shoulders above all competitors. The magazine's intelligent editorial voice, interesting features, and excellent layout/presentation made it well worth tracking down every month at your local bookstore. Subscribing was never really in the cards for us Yanks, though, as the exorbitant international direct subscription price of roughly $118 (62.02 pounds) per year was actually more expensive than the roughly $9/issue they charge on the U.S. newsstands (Amazon is charging an even more ridiculous $153.05 for a year-long subscription).

American fans of good game journalism can rest easy, though, as Edge has now set up a new subscription system especially for the U.S., complete with a lower subscription price of $75 per year. That's still a bit steep (especially considering mags like EGM practically give their subscriptions away) but at least now there's a pricing incentive to reserve a year's worth of issues (getting two years for $135 is an even better deal). All this and subscribers get a free T-shirt! Score!

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