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Macworld San Francisco in two expo halls

Dan Pourhadi

Chalk this one up to the Mac's growing popularity. Typically the Macworld San Fransisco expo is held in the Moscone center's South wing, which is just large enough to fit all the exhibitors. Not anymore, says Chris Saribay, who discovered that for MWSF 2007, IDG will actually be utilizing both Moscone South and, for the first time in years, North. According to Chris: "Apparently the main exhibit hall is already nearly filled to capacity, making sense to bring another exhibit hall online."

Is this Good or Bad? Well, let's see:

Upside: More Mac users
Downside: More Mac users (you know what I mean)
Upside: More Mac products
Downside: More substandard Mac products
Upside: More press coverage for the platform
Downside: More work to do Macworld week
Upside: More free swag from the booths

Upsides win!

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