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Nothing quite as SAD as a phone without LEDs

Ryan Block, @ryan

As anyone who's visited Seattle or Portland or portions of northwest Europe can tell you, all the clouds and gloom can get a little depressing. Those head doctors, they have a term for the effect a lack of sunshine has on your physiology: SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. There's a light at the end of the tunnel for sufferers, however -- one that doesn't require light-box therapy (see: right) or moving to Bermuda. According to the mysteriously unavailable US patent application US 2006/0183516, it would appear someone intends to whip up a phone with 370-450nm LEDs on its face that would light up when the phone is active, providing its user with happy-making simulated light that would ease the symptoms of SADness. (Think of it as the anti-Sergeyphone.) Bonus: LEDs on the 370-450nm wavelength supposedly also supposedly reduce the effects of acne -- a one-two knockout for teenagers living with SAD, zits, and growing up in particularly depressing regions of this island Earth.

[Via Textually]

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