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Oh look, another WWII-themed first-person shooter

Joystiq Staff

What happens when sales outpace creativity and originality? No, not another 50 Cent game. The real answer is more first-person shooters with a World War II theme -- Fall of Liberty is the name of the lucky girl this time. Ugh, do we really need another WWII franchise for next-gen? Well, Codemaster and Sparks Unlimited seem to think so.

Not content with the bazillions of other historical FPSers out there, the two have joined forces to bring us Fall of Liberty for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Due in late 2007, this latest Nazi smasher is actually a flip on the formulaic script as the game is set in the 50s shortly after the Nazis have won -- see it's different, this time, they win. Not only were the nasty Germans victorious, but they're poised to forever rule the good ol' U.S. of A.

We have just one question to ask you Joystiqers: Are you as sick of WWII-themed shooters as we are?

[Thanks, Alvin]

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