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Roc A Fella shows three new Verizon Wireless WinMo devices

Michael Caputo

Roc A Fella's back, people! The word we got from a very recent Verizon Wireless timeline he sent in is that the V's releasing three new EV-DO Windows Mobile devices by year's end. The Pantech 820 (after the break) appears to have had its launch date pushed back to September 29th, but as far as we know the Smartphone will still feature a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, miniSD slot, and Bluetooth when it hits stores. The other two devices are manufactured by UT Starcom, and are codenamed Libra and Titan, which should both run Pocket PC and have pushemail support with AKU2; the Libra is looking at a November 15th launch date, just a month before the December 15th launch of the Titan (which we don't, in fact, believe has any relation to the TyTn). Other details on the devices are kinda sketchy right now, but we're sure that they'll surface sooner than you think.

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