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23-inch Core 2 Duo iMac rumors begin swirling

Ryan Block, @ryan

You know how the industry loves a good Apple rumor or two (or ten, or a thousand), but when you start getting some synchronicity between the menagerie of rumor sites out there, it's bound to rise to the top. Today's hit: September will see the entry of a 23-inch iMac, as well as a line revamp for the all-in-ones over to Merom Core 2 Duo mobile (i.e. not desktop) processors. (Our staff of twelve interns gave it a quick mock right upstairs there.) We've seen our fair share of Merom launches this week, so it stands to reason that if the spec bump is on target, then the MacBook Pro may get that upgrade as well -- certainly Apple wouldn't want to feel left behind now that they're competing mano-a-mano with all those PC manufacturers, now would they? Oh, and while we're at it, we'll tack on one more for ya: at the same time, reports are starting to come in regarding sly Mac mini upgrades from Core Solo to Core Duo processors, perhaps in anticipation of bumping those specs up a little, too. Apple has indeed been known to upgrade to their customers' pleasant surprise (see: MacBook Pros going up with nary a word, for example), but then again perhaps they're just out of the Core Solo parts, and needed to get those units out the door.

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