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BenQ's ultraportable, 7 megapixel DC E720

Evan Blass

Tsk, tsk, BenQ. You know how we like to round up all your cookie-cutter cameras into one post, so we're a little disappointed that you didn't tell us about your new DC E720 at the same time you announced the other three new members of your consumer lineup yesterday. No matter, we're still committed to bringing our readers all that is new and exciting in the world of digital photography, even if the 7 megapixel E720 doesn't really stand out from the crowd in any discernible manner. With this model, you're basically getting a slimmed down version of the C740 -- they both sport a 3x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCD, 30fps VGA video mode, and SD card support -- but at only 130 grams and 19.5 millimeters thick, the E720 definitely takes home the "most pocketable" award. No word so far on pricing and availability for this model, but judging from the sparse, negative reaction that yesterday's releases got, we highly doubt that many of you will be seeking this one out, anyway.

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