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IRS to refund federal excise tax on long-distance calls

Cyrus Farivar

Getting the government to send you a $30 tax refund isn't quite as good as finding $30 that you didn't know you had in a pair of jeans, but we'll take it nonetheless. Yesterday, the IRS announced that it is refunding the "federal excise tax", or a tax collected on long-distance telephone calls made on landlines, VoIP lines, and cell phones for calls made from March 2003 until August 2006. Consumers can expect to claim a $30-$60 refund on their 2006 tax returns, and if as many people claim the refund as the IRS estimates, the American public will reap a total of $10 billion. Now that this is settled, that leaves one problem remaining: being that this tax was first put in place to fund the Spanish-American War (yeah, the one that ended over 100 years ago), which made us wonder -- what if we go to war with Spain again?

[Via The Associated Press]

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