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Ndiyo's "Hubster" USB-based thin client


Last we heard from Nidiyo, they were developing a thin client intended for use in developing nations. They're apparently still working on it, but they're also now developing another, even thinner client that goes easy on the ethernet and heavy on the USB. Cleverly dubbed "Hubster", the system's based on a USB-to-VGA adapter (like the USB Nivo seen here) with some added USB ports to connect a keyboard and mouse. Mix in the proper software, including a customized version of Ubuntu Linux, and you've got yourself a full-fledged computer terminal. Being USB-based, Ndiyo says the Hubster could also easily be expanded to support additional devices like a Skype headset, a flash drive or a second monitor. The biggest downside to the system, however, seems to be the 15-foot limit of USB 2.0 connections, which should be fine for something like an Internet cafe but probably not the best option if you're looking to trick out every room in your house with its own thin client.

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