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Nintendo press event breaking borders

Ross Miller

Nintendo is preparing for something big. A triumvirate of near-simultaneous press conference will be held mid-September. Among them:

  • September 14: Reggie Fils-Aime will host a "Celebration of Video Games" in New York City.
  • Also on September 14: Nintendo just announced (via 1UP) an event in Japan to talk about the Wii.
  • September 15: A European event, held in London, showing off Nintendo Wii and making new announcements.
Three press conferences within 24 hours of one another ... will this be a global announcement of launch details, or is Nintendo preparing us for another let down? After Nintendo's Leipzig press conference, ironically titled "Wii Prove our Promise" and revealing nothing more than a handful of sequels, we'd rather not speculate. Nintendo is running thin with their hype machine, and stretching launch details beyond this event would be rather idiotic.

Joystiq will be on hand at the NYC event to give you our updated impressions and report on any announcements. Our time zone skills are a bit fuzzy, is there any period of time where all three events are happening simultaneously?

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