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PS3 meets PS2: Blu-ray playback interface revealed

Nick Doerr

Sony finally went and demoed the playback capabilities of the PS3, showing what our likely first experience with Blu-ray movies will be (or did anyone drop $1k on a player? Just curious). The interface looks like a slightly more colorful PS2 DVD interface and that's fine. Does this mean we'll see a remote control released upon launch as well? Or will the PS2 remote somehow become backwards compatible?

With this demo, Blu-ray movies have to come into consideration. If we buy ourselves a shiny new PS3 and Blu-ray movies are the same price (or comparatively the same -- one or two bucks apart will work for this example), will we begin to stack up a new movie library in the Blu-ray format? Not that you'd replace all your DVD movies, just purchase future releases. If you'd still buy a "plain old DVD" instead, why? There's really no reason except to resist change, which humans generally do as an instinct. So there you have it: assuming you have a PS3, would you buy into Blu-ray or continue with DVD? For the sake of argument, let's leave HD-DVD's out of this example.

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