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Xbox 360 wins the MySpace war. So what?

Vladimir Cole

With the news that MySpace drove more traffic to online retailers last week than did MSN search, nobody can deny this MySpace monster anymore, least of all game companies who hope to reach the MySpace generation.

And yet it seems that Nintendo (Wii MySpace page, 3672 friends) and Sony (PS3 MySpace page, 494 friends) have been slow to embrace the phenomenon, sporting anemic MySpace pages (and anemic friend counts to match). This is compared to the Xbox 360's relatively robust MySpace presence (68680 friends).

Nintendo's weak (hard to guess, not obvious) MySpace URL also indicates that Nintendo registered their MySpace domain as an afterthought. Indeed, the first comment on the official Wii space is mid August, 2006, while the unofficial space at appeared 3.5 months earlier. When your fans are beating you to the punch by 3.5 months, there's a problem.

Sony's MySpace presence comes in dead last. Chances are, the Sony MySpace page isn't even official. With less than three months to launch, it doesn't look like Sony intends to build a proper MySpace presence at all.

In sum, the lack of Wii and PlayStation presence in the most powerful online community indicates marketing departments frozen in place even as audiences migrate away from traditional channels.

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