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Will we see a DS MP3 player this October?

Joystiq Staff

An image and info has been floating around various Web sites pointing to a Nintendo leaflet that said a DS MP3 player -- similar to Japan's Play-Yan -- will be coming to Europe only (at the moment) for about 30 Euros in early October. It is said to be packaged with the upcoming DS browser software. Here are the features mentioned:

  • For Nintendo DS (to be inserted into slot 2) and Game Boy Advance hardware
  • To store music you need SD cards. Up to 2 GB cards are supported, this equals to 500 songs (best sound quality)
  • Choose between different skins (including one with Mario)
  • The interface shows all important information
  • The unit itself features another headphone port
If this turns out to be true and a version does come to the U.S. for somewhere around $40 or less, it would seem that Nintendo would have all their bases covered with the DS. Basically having the same features now as a PSP but slightly cheaper, which would you choose?

[Thanks, Ian]

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