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Breakfast Topic: Boat or Gryphon?


After a Zul'Gurub run was completed yesterday evening, the mages in the group opened portals to all of the major cities in a neat line. I instinctively clicked Orgrimmar. I complained to a friend I'd taken the wrong portal, as I'd intended to head back to Yojamba Isle, in Stranglethorn Vale, to turn in a quest. "The wrong portal? How could Orgrimmar be wrong? There's a zepplin to Grom'Gol right outside the gates!" The zepplin, I was told, would be much faster than buying a bat ride from the Undercity. However, I'm less convinced. Whenever I take a zepplin or boat, I have to sit and wait for the zepplin to arrive, so as to move on to it when it reaches the dock. And I have to remain at my keyboard while the zepplin is in transit, or else I'm likely to miss getting off when it reaches its destination. If I just hop on a bat from the Undercity, I can get up and do other things in the meanwhile - so while the time may indeed be longer, it feels less. However, what do you do - take the boat or the gryphon, when you've a choice?

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