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HTC: Music - yay! Infrared - nay. Symbian - maybe.

Ryan Block, @ryan

In a not-so shocking development, handset trendsetter HTC is, according to president / CEO Peter Chou, considering making their devices more music friendly by increasing internal flash memory at the same time as cutting some fat, namely IR. (And really, how often do you use IR on a phone with USB and Bluetooth?) Most interesting, however, was Chou's statement that if an operator or reseller were to make it worth their while, HTC wouldn't have a problem getting in the Symbian device business: "We're not limited. We're not Microsoft, we can do anything." Unfortunately that hasn't yet come to pass, but it's not like an ODM like HTC shouldn't have a price when it comes to developing hardware for other platforms. We'd absolutely welcome some variety to the hardware running world's most prolific phone OS, and who knows, maybe sometime soon we'll see an HTC e61 killer.

[Via the::unwired]

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