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Korean Blu-ray launch is missing one thing


Korea keeps getting the short end of the HD stick. First World Cup broadcast problems and now a bungled Blu-ray launch. While Sony Pictures Korea released movies on Friday, the BD-P1000 player did not launch at the same time as planned. The reason for the delay is apparently Samsung's desire to package them with their Mosel-brand 1080p HDTVs,and they will be on store shelves tomorrow. Also of note is that the article cites the U.S. price of the BD-P1000 as $800, while as far as we know, it is still $999 everywhere. Several international reports have quoted this lower price (in US dollars) for the Samung Blu-ray player, maybe they think we're getting a special deal (we wish). HD DVD has not yet launched in Korea so for now, Blu-ray is the only game in town.

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