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Macs making a comeback at Circuit City?

David Chartier

A stealthy tipster has clued us in to the possibility that Macs - including MacBooks, MBPs, iMacs and Mac minis - might be making a belated encore appearance at a Circuit City near you. This observant reader caught these products listed on a few internal documents, but we don't have any ETA for now (though our money is on 'just in time for the fall/winter holiday shopping season'). This could be great news for US customers (and potential Mac owners) who might be in the market for a new Mac, but are nowhere near a bright, shiny Apple Store.

I call this an encore because I used to work for Circuit City, right around the time Circuit and Apple parted ways - just before the introduction of Mac OS X; in fact I even (regrettably) had to help tear down the display from the store shelves. While part of me wishes I was still there (a small part, indeed) so I could gloat over this good news to all those who laughed and pointed at my Mac, I'm more hopeful that this turns out to be true for all those who could benefit from Circuit signing on (again) as an Apple reseller.

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