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Metal Slug to feature "blood, blood and more blood"


Now that Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins has come and gone, it seems like I need a new lethally difficult 2D game to pine over. As previously revealed, the Metal Slug Collection will feature six Metal Slug games. IGN UK recently got some hands-on time with the game, and squealed in delight to see "blood, blood and more blood," as in the original Japanese release. (I wonder what the ESRB will have to say about that...) Although the game looks stunning on the PSP screen, the writer had a few concerns with the game. Firstly, it will be very short, considering how each game in the series clocks in at about an hour long. Although SNK is adding extras, they're limited to just concept art. Also, the load times seem unnecessarily long as of now (considering how this game isn't too technically advanced, the load times should be non-existant). Finally, the menu designs seem just slapped on together sloppily. Hopefully, SNK will fix these issues before the game releases in September.

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