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Draenei and Blood Elf Voices Leaked

Mike Schramm

If you're in the mood for more Burning Crusade spoilers, Elüna sent along a page that links to leaked voice files of the Draenei and Blood Elf male and female characters from the upcoming expansion, including their /charge, /silly, and /flirt emotes, and a few others.

Personally, I'm not real impressed with the ones I listened to (I have to save a little bit of the new content for the game, right?), but maybe that's because I'd rather hear them in context rather than from leaked .wav files. But a few of them are pretty good, and go a long way towards fleshing out the cultures and personalities of the two new races. True RPers probably won't be real happy about the pop culture references that show up (one of the funnier Blood Elf female /flirts actually makes a pretty good meta-game joke), but these leave little doubt that the same quirky Blizzard charm we're used to is coming with the expansion.

And there's one more thing I noticed about one of the voices. This one's really a spoiler, so I'll put it after the jump...

[ Thanks, Elüna! ]

Anybody else recognize the Blood Elf male voice actor? Think pizza and heroes on a halfshell...

That's right, I do believe the male Blood Elf is none other than Cam Clarke, who famously voiced Leonardo in that standby of my childhood, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. He was also Die Fledermaus in the great Tick cartoon, Simba in the Lion King, and some character called He-Man (don't know if you've ever heard of him). It's no wonder I recognized him-- he's one of my favorite voice actors.

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