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Microsoft announces Vista prices (for real this time)

Cyrus Farivar

Microsoft has just announced the official, real-deal prices for Windows Vista. So, without the benefit of a timpani drumroll, here's the deets, straight from the horse's mouth (this time): Windows Vista Business ($300 full, $200 upgrade); Windows Vista Home Premium ($240 full, $160 upgrade); Windows Vista Home Basic ($200 full, $100 upgrade); Windows Vista Ultimate ($400 full, $260 upgrade). Although Vista is to be released to the "volume license customers" in November 2006 and the general public in January 2007, what if you wanted a preview sooner than that? Our peeps up in Redmond have also said that the company will be make the Release Candidate 1 available through the soon to be re-opened Vista Customer Preview Program. The only question we have left is which VAR is going to release the first Mac with Vista pre-installed?

[Thanks, srw985]

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